Drew Jarvie – Stereo Jo 03/08/2020

Drew Jarvie from The Delerium Trees is interviewed by Jimmy James from Stereo Jo during a lively and happy interview. The title track of the new EP ‘Underneath This Sun’ was performed during the interview. To watch please click the link :

Stereo Jo


Drew Jarvie – New Starz Podcast 05/07/20

Drew Jarvie of The Delerium Trees is interviewed by Neil Clark of the New Starz Podcast. Brass bands, orchestras, previous bands, health, politics, opinions on music etc are all discussed.

Jump Jump, Back Through The Door and Closed Doors are played during the interview. To listen please click the link :

New Starz Podcast

Drew Jarvie – Tunebubble 27/07/2020

Drew Jarvie of The Delerium Trees is posed questions from the Tunebubble Team on the Underneath This Sun EP, the start of The Trees, his present Top 10, views on various subjects concerning the music industry. All this and more can be read in the following link :


Drew Jarvie – Scots Takeover 18/06/2020

Drew Jarvie is interviewed by Chris Grant and Stephen MacKay of Scots Takeover Show on Reach Out Radio.

Here Comes The Day, Underneath This Sun, Back Through The Door, Closed Doors, Swimming With The Ghost Angels sang live. To listen please click the link.

Scots Takeover

Drew Jarvie – Wyatt Pauley 25/06/2020

An interview with Drew Jarvie being interviewed by his friend Wyatt Pauley during the ‘Wyatt On The Radio Show’ on Radioactive Radio. 25/06/2020

Here Comes The Day, Swimming With The Ghost Angels, Closed Doors, Underneath This Sun, And They Said & Te Deum (played live) by Marc Antoine Charpentier (1643 – 1704). Click the link for interview.

Drew – Wyatt