Storms On The Moon – Rock N Reel Magazine Issue 92

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Making A Scene/Reviews And More/Martina Doerner – Review – Storms On The Moon 20/10/2021

Making a Scene brings you a review from Martina Doerner on the new release from The Delerium Trees “Storms on the Moon”

The Delerium Trees have just released their great album “Tales from the Western Isles” and the next one is already at the start! And this time a double album which of course means double enjoyment!

Making A Scene / Martina Doerner – Review of Tales From The Western Isles

Today I would like to invite you to discover the new album by The Delerium Trees. I’ve already written a few reviews of this band and I’m always thrilled, but I have to say that “Tales From The Western Isles” is something very special.

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Review of Tales From the Western Isles by Steve Inglis (singer/songwriter)

‘This is a proud piece of musical magic with all instruments played Drew Jarvie. Unique and astonishing in its making, it is an emotional tribute to the lives lost in the seas just off the islands’. Please click the link for the full review :

Album Review


Music Interview Magazine – Review – Tales From The Western Isles 10/09/2021

It starts ‘ The Delerium Trees ‘Tales From The Western Isles ‘ : Resounding depth of musicianship prevails. Stunning review by Paul Wolfle. Read more by clicking the link :

Tales From Review

Underneath This Sun EP – Only Rock Radio 2020

‘After the last Album “Swimming With The Ghost Angels” now they bring out an EP that’s lighter in sound and mood but just as fantastic as its predecessor.’

Martina Dorner, our good friend and supporter of Indie music reviews our EP. A huge thank you to her and Only Rock Radio’s Blogspot. To read more please click the link.

Martina’s Review

Reviews and More – Martina Doerner

And now it’s time for a Christmas Mini EP, 3 wonderful songs that not only get you into the Christmas spirit but also make you think.Of course, played excellently by Drew, whose art of handling his instruments always impresses me. On the song ‘Nicholas’ he is accompanied by Govanboy aka Steve MacDonald with the guitar, catchy and incredibly intense, simply great! “Let’s Help At Christmas, Let’s Help Every Day” and ‘Shine A Light (on them) are remixes especially to assist Nicholas on his travels.
A wonderful EP with a message that is not only important for Christmas! The artwork for the EP has been created by the brilliant Zandra Tiitso of TIPS Services.
All money raised from this goes to homeless charities in Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire!!

Steve Inglis – Swimming With The Ghost Angels 26/06/2021

I’ve just listened to The Delerium Trees album Swimming With The Ghost Angels. I’m incredibly impressed at the sheer scale of it. This is a glorious collection of songs that could be classed as Prog, rock, pop, psychedelic. It’s a mixture that makes it so special. The music is a flowing diamond held in place by Alexander Jarvie vocals. It’s vastly well produced which is its key. It maybe be the above mentioned styles yet there is something here for everyone. Take the red pill and enjoy.

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Back Through The Door – The Music Butcher 2018

Back Through The Door” begins with a hypnotic drum pattern with futuristic tones and a glossy coating. The vocals are darkly thoughtful and melodically expressive

To read the rest of the review please click the link :

The Music Butcher

Paradise Will Be (Album) – Liverpool Sound & Vision 2018

“In songs such as the album title track Paradise Will Be, Here Comes The DayThe Lonely Hearts Club Meet Again, Winter Skies In Summer time and Back Through The Door, Drew Jarvie plays with Paradise as living entity”

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Liverpool Sound & Vision

Closed Doors – Music’s Metaphor 2020

“We must change! We gotta change! We can’t take it anymore!” – sings the lead vocalist Drew Jarvie. “Closed Doors” focuses on political distrust by calling out the current actions of those in power.”

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Music’s Metaphor